Excel scrolling too fast

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Excel scrolling too fast

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This problem does seem to be solved in Excel The scrollbar fixes itself when the file is saved regardless of which cell is selected. This article was helpful.

I deleted it still had the large scroll bar — but once saved and reopened, it returned to normal size scroll bar. Just to inform you, under excel x64 it happens as well W7. None of the above worked it kept saying that cel AAA was a problem, but neither deleting cells, nor rows or columns helped. They were simply replaced by new ones. However, copying the datafields into a new sheet did do the trick!

excel scrolling too fast

You are a true hero saving people from going insane! Thanks this fixed my issue! It was driving me crazy!! Thanks a lot. Using your solution has reduced file size of one of our main Excel sheets from 10 MB! Me still fail to solve this problem. Anyone can assist me to solve it. When i save it my file become repaired file when open, more worst. Your email address will not be published.

excel scrolling too fast

Post Comment. Home Excel How to fix scrollbar in excel to get rid of extra empty rows? Sometimes a cell is hidden deep into the file. If not, continue. Highlight the rows to be deleted. Not the cells, but the entire row. Right click, and press delete. Notice that the scroll bar is still the same. Click on the Cell A1 Save the workbook The same apply to columns. Related Posts Easy way to delete empty rows or columns without using macros in Excel?

Grouping vs hiding rows or columns in Excel Key basic Excel shortcuts that always save you time How to undelete or recover a deleted tab in Excel? What is the formula for weighted average mean in Excel? How to delete duplicate entries or rows in Excel? May 22, at pm. Karen says:. June 2, at am.

Thank you. It really helped me. I was going crazy with the scroll bar. July 15, at pm. Allen says:. This is by far the best trick this month I learned. September 5, at pm.The horizontal and vertical scroll bars in the Excel window are set by the size of the used range the range of cells containing any value, formula, formatting etc.

Occasionally, this range can become excessively large normally by accident. As a result, the scroll bar becomes tiny.

A small mouse movement in the scroll bar can move the screen view by hundreds of rows or columns. This makes the worksheet difficult to navigate around. If the used range goes all the way down or all the way across, this problem might reveal itself with an error message when inserting new rows or columns.

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This issue is nearly always caused by user error. A user might accidentally stray into cells way outside of the area needed. Formatting that cell, or typing into it by accident will now include that cell, and every cell above or to the left of it in the used range.

Once this has happened, the scroll bar has to be tiny as the worksheet might now be 1, rows high or 16, columns wide.

Slowing Down Mouse Selection

If you suddenly find yourself in parts of the workbook you do not wish to populate with information try this first:. Looking at your spreadsheet, find the cell you believe should actually be the last used cell remember to look in hidden rows and columns too. Select the entire row below this cell. Select the entire column to the right of what should be your last used cell. The used range has now been reset, and the scrollbars should return back to a more usable size.

Follow the steps from Option 2 to clear the unnecessary content. The used range has been reset, when returning to Excel, the scroll bars should return back to a more usable size. The following Macro code will delete all the rows below and the columns to the right of the Active Cell, then reset the scroll bars. Enter the code into a Module of the Visual Basic Editor. Thank you sooooooooooo much! This fixed it! Another method is just copy the data you want to keep to a new worksheet and delete the original worksheet.

Sure, that works when you have a simple model. None of this worked for me. I hope this helps someone. Thank you Mary. I have been so confused for so long and it is that exact comment issue. You are a lifesaver. No luck with any of these for me. I have had similar issues and resolved them this way in the past, but not with the current spreadsheet I am having issues with.

Strangely, once I have tried to delete the extra rows the excel workbook bloats from 6Mb to 80Mb and the scroll bars remain as they were — any ideas!? Thanks, option 2 followed by option 3 did the job for me.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Log in. If you forgot your password, you can reset your password. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Paco Start date Nov 1, Paco New Member. Joined May 30, Messages 7. How do I make the scroll bar on the left of the worksheet a little wider?

And, how can I adust the speed Some videos you may like. Excel Facts. Why are there 1, rows in Excel? Click here to reveal answer. The Excel team increased the size of the grid in Joined Jan 1, Messages 2, Scroll bar on the left?

You mean the scroll bar on the right. You can change your Windows display settings to a smaller value but it will affect all your applictions. You must log in or register to reply here.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. Please refer to the following thread which discusses about the same issue and check if it helps in resolving your issue:.

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How to fix scrollbar in excel to get rid of extra empty rows?

Tell us about your experience with our site. Note, I recently installed windows Thanks for your help. This thread is locked.

excel scrolling too fast

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 7. User Replied on July 29, Hello, I understand that you want to track less cells with mouse scrolling.

Thank you. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

How satisfied are you with this response? This site in other languages x.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Some stickier scroll wheels take all the strength you have to get down a notch or two, while others can be too loose and will have you hugging the bottom of the page with a light flick.

How to fix scrollbar in excel to get rid of extra empty rows?

You can do this by either clicking on the scale and tapping left or right on your arrow keys, or holding the indicator down and dragging it to the number you want. Once the mouse dialog pops up, you should see a window that looks something like this. Every time you scroll a notch, the wheel will skip an entire page of content at once, rather than going through it line by line.

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Which scroll speed is right for you will be based on your mouse and your own personal preference. Keep in mind that your mouse may also have its own additional sensitivity settings, either on the mouse itself or in the software that came with it. Image Credits: Pixabay.

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Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Excel versions: 97, and If you are using a later version Excel or laterthis tip may not work for you. For a version of this tip written specifically for later versions of Excel, click here: Slowing Down Mouse Selection. You may have noticed that it is sometimes difficult to select quite a few cells when you are using the mouse.

As you move the mouse past the bottom of the screen, the rows may zip by too fast to select them. Move the mouse back up to the top of the screen, and the rows zip by in the opposite direction. It may sound trite, but one of the most common solutions to this problem is to use the keyboard in conjunction with the mouse to do your selecting.

The easiest way to do this is by clicking the cell at the start of your selection and then holding down the Shift key while you click where you want the selection to end.

However, if you don't want to use the keyboard and only rely on the mouse, your options are a bit more limited. Perhaps the best idea is to get a new mouse. A mouse that has a scroll wheel between the buttons comes in handy; you can use the wheel to scroll at a much slower rate. Barring either of these solutions you may be able to fine-tune your use of the mouse when scrolling. Excel actually includes two scrolling speeds. To use the slower speed when selecting cells, move the mouse down to where the worksheet tabs appear.

This scrolls downward at a relatively moderate speed. Moving the mouse below the worksheet tabs sends the scrolling into full-speed mode.

The "moderate speed" zone for scrolling upward is the column indicators A, B, C, etc. The actual differences between these scroll speeds depends on the speed of your computer and how many other tasks your system is running.

The final option to try is to slow down the mouse speed using Windows itself. What you do from that point depends on how you have the Control Panel configured. If you are viewing the Control Panel in Category view, you'll see a message that says "Pick a Category. If you are viewing the Control Panel in Classic view, you'll see icons for the various applets available in the Control Panel. Double-click the Mouse applet. Regardless of the Control Panel view you are using, at this point you should be viewing the Mouse Properties dialog box.

Make sure the Motion tab or the Pointer Options tab is displayed.Excel Categories. Close Window. Get Your Free Excel ebook!

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Top 15 Excel Tutorials. Instant Access! The download link for the file has been sent to the email you provided. If you don't see it, check your spam or promotions folder. Similar Topics. The scrollbar moves about an inch and the rows scroll about just in one sheet. Is there a way to adjust or fix that? The Row. Hi In excel i have a sheet open with about 30 columns in it.

I try to use the scroll bar to move to the right and nothing happens apart from the scroll bar moves along. If i use the right button on the keyboard the scroll bar moves but i cannot see the columns I want.

I cannot see anything that would of caused this. Can anyone help? Worksheet Not Scrolling Down - Excel. Hi All, Random question i have a large Excel Workbook which is protected and has over five sheets on it - however one sheet has randomly decided not to scroll If i use the cursor and down arrows the selection just disappears off the screen. The page will scroll if i filter by one field, but not if i select All for all filters. All other worksheets scroll fine. Any suggestions?


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